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1st generation: Masajiro Ueno (1918 - 1967)
   Founded Ueno & Company.
Commenced research on an antifungal agent for soy sauce.
Entered into manufacturing and sales of food additives, including bean jam, fish paste products and dried fishery products.
Started marketing of Sormighty, sorbic acid coating agent.
The Prizes of Honor
  The Presidential Award from the Japan Inventors’ Association (1955)
The Inventor’s Award (1956)
The Osaka Gubernatorial Award (1958)
The Medal with Purple Ribbon (1958)
The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette (1965)

2nd generation: Dr. Ryuzo Ueno (1967 - 2003)
Commenced the production of POB (ρ-hydroxybenzoic acid), its esters and sorbic acid by a continuous method.
Commenced manufacturing BON3 (2-hydroxy-3-naphtoic acid), an intermediate of red pigments and dyes.
Started the production of Prebest TP, frozen minced fish quality improver.
Commenced manufacturing BON6 (2-hydroxy-6-naphtoic acid), raw material for LCP as a high performance resin.
Started sales of Killbact alcohol preparation for food hygiene.
Started sanitation business.
Started sales of natural preservative Milt Protein Agents.
Established Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand), Ltd.
Started sales of liquid crystal polymer UENO-LCP.
Started test growing of red beans in Thailand in collaboration with the Thai Royal Project.
The Prizes of Honor
The Science and Technology Agency Director’s Award in Kinki Regional Invention Award, for five inventions, including the ρ-hydroxybenzoates manufacturing method (1979)
The Chemical Technology Award from the Chemical Society of Japan and the Prime Minister’s Special Invention Award from the Japan Investors’ Association for his development of a continuous production method of aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acids (1980)
The Medal with Purple Ribbon (1981)
The 1992 Harushige Inoue Award for his development of a preservative with protamine (1992)
The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette (1998)
The Commander (Third Class) of the Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn by Thailand (2001)

3rd generation: Masaya Ueno (2003 - present)
Placed the low-melting UENO-LCP8000 on the market and aggressively developed it for the filming and sealing purposes.
Developed ultra heat-resistant UENO-LCP7000.
Started sanitation business in Thailand.
Opened the "International Forum For Food Safety" seminar. To foster mutual understanding between thailand and japan.
Started BON6-MR plant, raw material for LCP product.
Founded Ueno Science Tech Laboratory (Thailand), Ltd. (USTL).
Separated Food Division into Ueno Food Techno Industry, Ltd.
Opened new Tokyo Head Office.

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