Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand)


 About Ueno  Message From President of Ueno Group 

Since its foundation, the Ueno Group has placed an emphasis on “Originality and Ingenuity” and has built up its experience as a research and development oriented company that pursues the development of unique products and new production methods. We are committed to maintaining this principle and developing business with a priority on developing and providing original products of the highest quality. We will promote innovation of the company structure in response to the change and speed resulting from globalization.

For this purpose, we attach importance not only to the “product out” concept, but also to “market in” and further enhance our marketing capabilities. We will focus on the development of the product that both the customers and the global market require by enhancing the sales force and improving bilateral communication with customers. We will also collect such information as market trends from across the world and thoroughly analyze it. At the same time, we will supply customers with not only material products but also related information as a service to accommodate a wide variety of needs. We will ensure compliance at home and abroad and give priority to corporate social responsibility, including global environmental conservation and social contribution. We would appreciate your continued support.



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