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 FAQs  Sorbitol and Maltitol
1. What are polyols or sugar alcohols?
2. What are polyols or sugar alcohols produced from?
3. What are sorbitol and maltitol? How are sweetness and caloric values different from those of sugar?
4. What is healthy benefit of sorbitol and maltitol compared to sugar?
5. What is different function between sorbitol and maltitol?
6. What kinds of products are sorbitol and maltitol use in?
7. Can sorbitol and maltitol be stable at high temperature and /or acid condition?
8. Can "sugar free" be written on the label of food products that sorbitol or maltitol are used in as sugar substitute?
9. Are sorbitol and maltitol safe? Are there restricted amount of sorbitol and maltitol in food products?
10. Does excess intake of sorbitol or maltitol affect our health?

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