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 FAQs  Sanitary product
1. What is 2 in 1? What are the differences between CIDALLY and general detergent?
2. When using CIDALLY for cleaning and disinfection, is it needed to wash out with water after using CIDALLY? How to make sure that residue of CIDALLY does not remain on the surface?
3. Does CIDALLY have corrosive effect on the surface of materials?
4. Can CIDALLY use with other detergent or disinfectant?
5. Can diluted CIDALLY solution be kept?
6. What type of microbes that CIDALLY can disinfect?
7. What are the differences between alcohol mixture “KILLBACT-SU” and ethanol?
8. Is KILLBACT-SU safe for food contact?
9. What kind of food can KILLBACT-SU be used for? Does KILLBACT-SU affect smell and appearance of food products?
10. Can KILLBACT-SU be used for personal hygiene? How many percent of KILLBACT-SU should be used?
11. What type of microbes that KILLBACT-SU can disinfect?

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