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Sugarless sweetener: MU Series (MU-45, 50, 65, 75)
Maltitol syrup and Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates syrup are used in healthy food to realize calorie reduction, prevention of tooth-decay, shelf life extension, high heat stability, suppression of Maillard reaction and can be used as a sweetener for diabetes.
Sorbitol syrup: SUF, SUT, USP, SUP
Sorbitol powder: NSP, NSP-50M
Sweetener with cool and pleasant taste is used as humectant and anti-discoloring agent.
Maltitol powder: MU90G, Maltitol Syrup Powder (MP-60M)
Sweetener with pleasant taste is used as low-caloric sweetener in healthy food and noncariogenic sweetener in chewing gum, candy, beverage, bakery, etc. The taste profile is similar to sucrose.
Sorbitol compound: Prebest TP Series
A sorbitol-based powder homogeneously mixed with phosphate and edible oil. It is used to keep protein of minced fish meat from damages during freezing. The preparation also enhances fair color of the minced fish meat products.

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